When a design inspires builders all over the world, it can be considered a classic!

Builder:Roland Heier, Germany

Type:  two-seat canard sportsplane

Powerplant: 1 x 118 hp Lycoming O-235-L2C piston engine

Significant date: 1987

The Gemini all-composite, canard wing two-seat homebuilt aircraft was designed by Mr. Roland Heier of Germany. The design was based on Rutan Long-EZ wings, but had a specific fuselage design. The first Gemini had one 118 hp O-235-L2C engine and first flew during August 1987 (one source gives 1985). Initially the aircraft was built for personal use, but later plans were made available for amateur construction and the Gemini could accept engines in the 118-160 hp range, yet no further aircraft were built.

Population: 1 [D-EFAR]

Max. speed : 240 mph
Cruise : 163 mph
ICR : 985 ft./minute
Ceiling : 16,400 ft.
Range : 1,300+ miles
Wingspan : 26.25 ft.
Length : 20.333 ft.
Height : 7.875 ft.

Crew/passengers: 2

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