"It has been suggested to me that I change my name to 'Burns Rutan' in reference of my infamous side burns." Burt Rutan wouldn't quite be the same without his legendary sideburns... as distinctive to his appearance as canards are to his aircraft... And he is proud of them, even calling himself an "avid sideburn enthusiast"! Here is more of what he wrote on his Twitter page about them:

  • "We're in need of a month to commemorate sideburns."
  • "Is there such thing as a sideburn stylist?"
  • "I think of my sideburns as vertical stabilizers."

"If God had meant for man to fly, he would have given him more money." — Burt Rutan


In August 2005, two remakes of the original Star Wars Kenner dolls, flown on SpaceShipOne and signed by Burt Rutan, Mike Melvill and Brian Binnie were auctioned on Ebay for charity, along with a host of other goodies. The dolls had traveled to space and back inside a ballast box on the winning X-Prize flight #2. The winning bidder for Luke Skywalker paid $1,525.00 for the figure. (Source: Mojave Air & Space Collectibles)

Right: "Luke training with the Jedi Master of Private Spaceflight."

Below: "Obi and Luke and hanging out in the SS1 cockpit, looking for passage to the Alderaan system."



It didn't take long for droid R2D2 to be extremely jealous of the two Jedis. The photo below shows Artoo skimming across the Mojave Airport airstrips in the hope of boarding SpaceShipTwo. A source at Scaled Composites (who asked for their identity to be kept secret) claims that Virgin Galactic is seriously considering putting the combat-proven droid to good use in the SpaceShip program and is reportedly reworking the fuselage top to accomodate the cheeky little droid as a navigator.

"What is the purpose of a propeller? To keep the pilot cool. If you don't think so, just turn it off and watch him sweat." — Burt Rutan


The following picture is said to have been captured from one of Burt Rutan's presentations. You've been warned!

(another STARGAZER exclusive!)

Remember when the romance between SpaceShipOne and her White Knight seemed made in heaven? Well, folks... The honeymoon is over. After SS1 had successfully accomplished her mission, she returned to the Mojave ground, only to find her knight in composite armor mating with NASA's latest X-rated gal, no less! Some witnesses claim they saw the couple flying to Reno soon after. SpaceShipOne has now settled down in Washington, while her not-so-White Knight keeps roaming around the Mojave area, looking for a mate...


Burt Rutan has always been radical when it comes to looks: seemingly rearward-flying aircraft, twin-hexagonal pyramidal home... Now according to golf enthusiast Josh Ferrin, who was a firsthand witness (and did the sketch left), the same applies to Burt's own dressing habits when he golfs:

"Burt Rutan looked like he just stepped off of his spaceship in his vintage golf getup, not to mention those incredible lambchops."

Ferrin's art probably wouldn't qualify him for a job at Scaled, but it is funny, which is good enough for us...

Will Burt set out to redesign the standard golfball? A slideshow presentation by Bob Underwood at the 2006 Model Aviation Hall of Fame banquet featured this image by Mark Lanterman which humorously suggested a design idea to support Burt's recreational interests! (Source: Model Aviation).


In the aftermath of the SpaceShipOne exploit, a lot of people were inspired by Burt Rutan's design and entreprising spirit... Here is a model rocket which was dubbed SpaceShipThree by its creator. Certainly not legit, but you have to give the guy credit for staying in line with Rutan's original visual style...


A very funny montage that was found on the Aerofiles websites, an unusual place for humor! If you like fake designs, be sure to check out our Rutanized page, featuring loads of them! And if you feel like creating your own fakes, feel free to submit them!

"We have clearance, Clarence. Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?" — Burt Rutan



"Most of us agree it would be nice if we could carry more passengers in our VariEzes. A builder in Western Massachusetts has come up with a kit to modify your VariEze so that it will carry 310 passengers, a pilot, co-pilot, engineer and six Swedish stewardesses. The full kit including three jet engines, plans, materials, 2,500 gals resin shipped to the siding of your choice and will probably cost $1,310,000. We would consider making the system available as a kit or fully assembled if there is enough interest. Check appropriate box:

Send plans only;
Send Kit, enclosed M.O.
Send fully assembled (6 wks)
Send Stewardesses only.


From The Canard Pusher N°23, January 1980: 'DC-100 STYLE VARIEZE MARKET SURVEY' (illustration by BIS for STARGAZER)

There is no denying that rapper Snoop Dogg has always had his own approach to getting high... fo' shizzle! When Burt Rutan soars to new heights in his SpaceShipOne, Snoop Dogg portrays himself hanging around a pink rolling shack shank dubbed... Space Shizzle One. To each his own!

"Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year." — Burt Rutan