Besides the much-publicized Raptor and Proteus, Scaled worked on a third design for the ERAST Alliance...

The Model 287 Alliance's successful first flight at Rosamond.

Type: 20% scale R/C model of proposed high altitude research aircraft



Powerplant: unknown

First flight: unknown

The Model 287 Alliance R/C model is a 22' wingspan 20% scale R/C model of a proposed high altitude research aircraft for NASA. This program involved a design competition among four companies. Scaled Composites was the only of the four companies to bring a flying 20% scale flying R/C model to the competition and as a result won. The Alliance R/C model features “outboard” horizontal tails. These horizontal tails are situated in a favorable upwash position in the wigtip vortices which increases their effectiveness without making the tails larger. Adding more weight at the tip also decreases the wing root bending moment, which reduces the wing spar weight.

Dan Kreigh, an aeronautical and mechanical engineer, built this model and was the sole pilot. He has been working as a structural analyst for almost sixteen years at Scaled Composites. He is also a UAV pilot flying such notable aircraft as the Freewing tilt-body Scorpion and NASA's Raptor, a 67-foot wingspan optionally manned airplane. Dan also built and flew a few more interesting models, such as the SSTOL Model, a SpaceShipOne Model, and a 10-foot wingspan "engineering R/C model" for the recent Flight of the Phoenix movie starring Dennis Quaid. Other interests include design and future construction of a two place, 200mph, single garage sized, Roadable Aircraft.

Population: 1

Wingspan: 20 ft.

Crew/passengers: unmanned

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The crews prepare for first flight at Rosamond Drylake, Calif.