Although very unorthodox, Rutan's Vari-VIggen DID spawn a custom, all-metal variant called the Viggenite.

The Viggenite looked sleeker than the Vari-Viggen.

The Mazda rotary engine was prefered to the piston Lycoming.

Builders:Joe Rayne (Viggenite) / Keith O. Lewis, Alberta, Canada (Viggenite 13B)

Type:  two-seat canard pusher sportsplane

Powerplant: 1 x 150-160 hp Lycoming O-320 piston engine [N20VR]
                 or 1 x Mazda 13B Rotary engine [N20VV]

Significant date: 1983

The Viggenite was a one-of-a-kind two-seat homebuilt aircraft designed and built by Mr. Joe Rayne. Construction of the aircraft took some 10 years and the first flight was made on 9 August 1983 with one 150-160 hp Lycoming O-320 engine. The wings were based on those of Mr. Burt Rutan's VariViggen design, but with all metal rather than composite material construction and these were mated to a metal construction fuselage of Mr. Rayne's own design. The metal used (except on the cowling and nose cone) was aluminum, which is very light.

The type was not intended for amateur construction. Another Viggenite, however, has shown up on the civil register. It was built between 2002 and 2005 was built by Keith O. Lewis from Alberta, Canada for Marlin "Oly" Olson in Missouri. Designated Viggenite 13B (from its engine's name), it flew and got its airworthiness certification in 2005.

The final destination of the original Viggenite is not known, and the civil registration it used was reallocated in 1997 to another aircraft.

Population: 2 (c/n JR200 and 014) [N20VR, N20VV]

Specifications (as given for N20VR except *):
Maximum speed : 175 mph
Cruise speed : 160 mph (other source gives 85 mph!)
ICR : 900ft/minute
Ceiling : 14,500 ft.
Range : 400+ miles
Wingspan : 19 ft.
Length : 24.5 ft.
Weight: up to 12,499 pounds*

Crew/passengers: 2

Main source:
- Oly Olson's Viggenite
- Kevin's Aviation Website

Thanks to Walter van Tilborg for the information and picture.


Oly Olson's Viggenite and its colorful paint scheme.

Inside views of Oly Olson's Viggenite.

Oly Olson's Viggenite as portrayed in CG form.